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  • Best Advice: Be Intentional About Your Career Future

    High School did not prepare me to pick a career. There were so many things I could have been good at. To choose one was to not choose a hundred others. I chose one path, discovered its pitfalls and changed to another. I couldn’t focus and not having a focus meant I did not have a goal. Looking back it would have helped to have criteria other than what I enjoyed doing or what I was good at. Those criteria would have been the salary potential, the job market, the cost and duration of education required the career trajectory and the sacrifices necessary to succeed.

  • Unlock Your Networking Potential

    If you have mentors who have been successful on a path similar to the one you foresee, they can tell you what they wished they had known, what shortcuts they found, about people you may want to know and how to get to know them, what additional skills you need and how to gain them. Mentors are the well of wisdom – don’t expect them to do all the work, bring your own bucket. Know you purposed and goals, and know how you will engage your mentor. Don’t forget to express your gratitude, and know when to transition the mentorship to its end or to an on-going friendship. Whether you are looking for a mentor or striving to be a mentor, in “UNLOCK YOUR NETWORKING POTENTIAL” I outline six steps to guide a successful mentor / mentee relationship.

  • Networking in a Nutshell

    NO ONE EVER FOUND AN OPPORTUNITY WITHOUT TAPPING A NETWORK. It is true. I say this because gaining an opportunity means making a connection, with someone, somehow. After realizing that every job search requires networking, it is easier to get over the… Read More ›

  • Is Social Media a Waste of Time for Professionals?

    EE TIMES REPORTED “Engineers aren’t using social networking for work.” Is it because Engineers are so stereo-typically introverted and non-social? EE Times’s survey found that Engineers guard their privacy (probably wisely) when they do use social media. About 30 percent… Read More ›

  • Need Immigration Sponsorship?

    IT IS ALWAYS DIFFICULT to tell a job seeker that the jobs openings I have do not offer sponsorship. Believe me I am eager to hire talented engineers and I believe that recent graduates and experienced engineers who are seeking immigration… Read More ›

  • Down the Resume Rabbit Hole

    THERE ARE REASONS you were not contacted after you submitted your resume online for that amazing job at Acme Fortune 500 Engineering. Some you couldn’t avoid. Some you could – or you should have avoided. I can help you understand the… Read More ›

  • Protesting New Technology

    Candidate Wisdom:”Change can be difficult but often resistance reflects passion and loyalty and when it can be redirected employee engagement can be preserved and enhanced.”