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Manufacturing Workers – Workforce Attitudes and Motivators

As the market heats up and the number of unemployed continues to decline, are companies likely to find the talent we need?

Yes. According to their research, Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting Group finds that 52% of employees are happy in their roles, though 45% changed jobs last year and 63% expect to change jobs next year.  Over all employees are on the move. But finders are not necessarily keepers.

Does changing jobs make people happier?  Apparently, changing jobs does not always make people happier.  Only 41% of employees who changed jobs last year are happy or very happy in their new role.  Among those the Gen Y group is the most happy with their change (54%) and Boomers are least happy (40%).  All this is important information for employers. To be successful in recruiting and retaining passive talent, it is important to know what compels them to change and whether a new situation will actually provide satisfaction.

Job seekers typically have become restless in their career when they were not afforded the opportunity to grow and advance in their career (though Boomers are likely to be restless if they lack career life balance in their career.)  About 60% of employees feel that it is necessary to change employers to advance their career.

Jeanne Ritterson, ECIR, is a full cycle recruiter employed by a Fortune 500 company. She specializes in technical recruiting and enjoys most understanding what drives candidates so that she can assist them in a launching careers that match their career goals.

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