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Neither Wealth or SplendorIT IS ALWAYS DIFFICULT to tell a job seeker that the jobs openings I have do not offer sponsorship. Believe me I am eager to hire talented engineers and I believe that recent graduates and experienced engineers who are seeking immigration sponsorship would be great hires. Unfortunately, the market for engineering talent in manufacturing doesn’t merit an argument for sponsorship, the process would be hard to support, and in the end we risk being unsuccessful. That said I am on the look-out for resources to offer. Finding the right employer, gaining sponsorship and launching a new career will be life altering.

 “It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness.” — Thomas Jefferson


Because I was delighted to find hopeful resources and this “find” propelled me in a different direction, distracting me from a story I intended to write about great career networking sites for engineers. By no means did I complete an exhaustive search – but with a little effort the reader can take what I found and use keywords to find more resources.

  1. JobIsJob ( Searching this site using “immigration sponsorship” returns many opportunities. But I searched and got returns for Mechancial Engineers: It provides a number of employers and indicates areas where the most jobs are available. Rosemount, MN was one of the locations.
  2. ( I did a similar check on to see if I could easily find companies that offer sponsorship and was not able to find any. But when I searched Google, I found:‎ with a variety of opportunities. I then searched in using these keywords: H1b Visa Sponsorship engineer, which returned a number of opportunities.
  3.  Red Bus: ( I did another Google search. With one stroke, I found the Red Bus database search tool (, which allows you to search by location or zip code. I first search for my neighborhood zip code and found nothing. But when I searched using a zip code for St. Paul, MN, four employers popped up. I was impressed with the Red Bus site for the other information they provide job seekers who need sponsorship – I would definitely recommend the site.

After finding these resources, I changed my search to H1b Visa Sponsorship engineer, which returned more resources:

  1. LinkedIn: ( Join the LinkedIn group to access job postings.
  2. ( Personally, I would look for these recruiters on LinkedIn or Google them rather than paying to have my resume sent to them, but this website provides a list of possibilities.
  3.  Quora( offers advise on resources that filter LinkedIn job postings.

You might search Google using the keywords I used with modifications to find more opportunities.

I was interested in an article by Martin Kaste that provided interesting insights about Immigration Sponsorship in the U.S.  Kaste quotes Ron Hira, a professor of public policy at the Rochester Institute of Technology:

The top 10 recipients in [the] last fiscal year were all offshore-outsourcers. And they got 40,000 of the 85,000 visas — which is astonishing.’ Kaste goes on to say, “The biggest user of H-1B last year was Cognizant, a firm based in New Jersey. The company got 9,000 new visas. Following close behind were Infosys, Wipro and Tata all Indian firms. They’re not household names, but they loom large in tech places like the Seattle suburbs.” Check out the article to see if something it says will help you gain the sponsorship you seek.

Tweet: The top 10 recipients in [the] last fiscal year were all offshore-outsourcers. And they got 40,000 of the 85,000 visas–which is astonishing


A Nov. 4, 2013 ABC News article by Susanna Kim sheds light on who out-sourcing firms are. She provides a list of the 11 companies that received the most H1-B Visas in 2010 and 2012 – all but one have significant “offshoring operations” (she also quotes Hira):

  1. Cognizant (http://
  2.  Tata Consultancy (http://
  3. Wipro (
  4. Infosys (
  5. Accenture (
  6. MicroSoft (
  7. IBM (
  8. Larsen & Toubro (
  9. HLC (http://
  10. Deloitt (http://

To learn more about opportunities to obtain Immigration Sponsorship, my approach would be to:

  • Follow each of these companies on LinkedIn
  • Learn as much about each company as possible, including who their key recruiters are
  • Connect with key recruiters on LinkedIn (to connect, look at their profile, find out what groups they belong to, join that group and then you can connect).

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Jeanne Ritterson, ECIR, is a full cycle recruiter employed by a Fortune 500 company. She specializes in technical recruiting and likes to understand what drives candidates so that she can assist them launch careers that match their career goals.

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