What I Know About Ecolab

When I interview people, this is what I say about Ecolab:

Sun_Global Leader

FIRST, I SAY THAT I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT ECOLAB and the work we do around the world to provide clean water, abundant energy and safe food to people around the world. Every day the work I do is has meaning.

I started at Ecolab in 2007, as a Senior HR Assistant. My career progression is not untypical of what new employees who are willing to go above and beyond can expect. I advanced to an Associate Talent Acquisition Specialist, a TA Specialist I and then a TA Specialist II.  I have had the opportunity to gain recruiting experience to become a Brass Ring super user and subject matter expert, a certified Elite Internet Recruiter, a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and a successful project manager. I have also had the opportunity to work on major Human Resource projects, including a project to identify the best single platform solution to support global Human Resource Information System data.


 Q    Why Ecolab?

“I was impressed because Ecolab was a very big global company with great financials and a lot of opportunity. You could just see it in everything they were doing – very diverse business portfolio. Ecolab has multiple markets; with fingers everywhere and that it’s a good feeling.”

Q    Why do I like working at Ecolab?

“I would say what keeps me here and what has kept me here is the people – the culture and personalities of the people I have worked with and for. Our work is important – when we are working we are focused and determined but work with people that know you have life outside of work that is more important than a career. It’s a nice place no matter who you are, what your age.”

Q    What drives success at Ecolab?

” Ecolab has record of rewarding people that get things done and make things happen. You come to work, make good things happen, deliver good results – people see that. Ecolab gives people opportunities – either a right fit or a stretch role to continue to develop you.  If you are patient and are a strong contributor things will work out for you. Also being willing to dabble, stretch and try what you didn’t always think would be in your wheelhouse – growing as a leader means being comfortable with your discomfort – lean into it and attack it no differently than a role you are comfortable with.”

Q    What is a day in your life with Ecolab’s Supply Chain Like?

“I spend a lot of time trying to send emails…being a growth company requires strategy and facing a lot of headwinds today. Communicating is essential to overcome issues – delays, materials shortages, quality issues.  We have this whole field enabled sales – supply chain removes barriers to allow us to be more competitive. There is a lot of young talent – so explaining business, collaborating with them and keeping us going.”

Q    What does it take to succeed in Supply Chain?

“A lot of drive, a lot of motivation, to be self-managed; the people that go out of the way to make sure things that are getting done are more successful than people that wait. When I first started I had to learn how far I could push  — push the boundaries to determine where they were. Make mistakes and don’t be afraid to live with the consequences of a decision. Be confident – don’t jeopardize safety or health. Making a decision and sticking with it – if you are wrong you learn from it.”

Q    Where do you see Ecolab going in the future?

Our goal is 20B and when Doug says it, it always happens. There will be headwinds but see us being a 20B company – we will continue to expand in the global market.”


In Supply Chain, I have enjoyed watching the people I recruited advance in their roles – for Ecolab employees, the developmental opportunities are nearly endless.  Typically professional accept lateral assignments to round out their development before advancing to the next level.  At the next level, again they accept lateral assignments to prepare for a leadership role.  With more than 10,000 Supply Chain employees the right opportunity is always on the horizon.  Not everyone will be a Director, VP or Sr. VP – but it is possible to advance your career and in the long run know that the work you do at Ecolab matters. It matters to your family, to your community, and around the world. And as we grow, Ecolab matters in more ways and more places.

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Our goal is to complete the process quickly. More time is required if senior leaders participate, otherwise the process takes about 3 weeks from first interview to offer. If at any time my candidates are concerned that the process has stalled, they are always welcome to contact me.

When I screen candidates, I AM DRIVEN to attract top talent to meet Ecolab’s Supply Chain talent needs and have enjoyed partnering with hiring managers to develop recruiting strategy and candidate pipelines. Full-cycle recruiting requires agility and excellent communication skills, the ability to manage the recruiting process and ensure efficiency in recruiting efforts. I employ lean strategies to ensure that the days to fill per hire meet or exceed best practices.

As a recruiter, I know that my candidates are not as proficient in their job search and interview skills as I am in my candidate search skills – after all, job search is not something taught in school. I’m not looking for superior interview performance; I look for the best potential to excel at Ecolab. I ENJOY COACHING CANDIDATES who are open to feedback and if they are not a fit for an opening, offering some insight on how to connect effectively for future roles at Ecolab or another employer. Ultimately, everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their greatest career potential. Every day, I strive for that win/win outcome.

Step One:  Sometimes we look for someone earlier in their career, sometimes we look for a more senior candidate – it depends on the balance of our current team.  (The Basic Qualifications and the job posting will help you discern our aim for the current opening).  Upload your resume and complete the supplemental question form – the questions on the form align with the requirements of the job and help me determine your qualifications.

Step Two:  If your application scores as one of the most competitive you will receive an email from me requesting a phone interview. I will assess your readiness for the opportunity and potential for advancement. The hiring manager provides me with key technical questions. During the phone interview, I transcribe verbatim notes to share with the selection team.  With my notes and candidate resumes, the hiring manager determines who to interview in the next round.  For local candidates the next round is a site interview; for candidates who would have to travel a significant distance to the site the hiring manager conducts a technical interview to confirm the value of a site interview with the full team.

Step Three: Interviews with the hiring team are conducted on site.  Typically four selection team members include a Human Resources professional, the hiring manager, a subject manager expert and one or more operations or cross-functional managers. A debrief with the whole team is conducted, and the top candidate is selected. For manager and director roles, more than one finalist may be selected for a final interview with senior leaders.

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